About Your Local Hair Studio

Bela Hair Studio Building

This Is Our Story

What your local hair salon is all about.

Béla (pronounced “bay-luh”) Hair Studio opened its doors in 2012 in one of the most scenic neighborhoods in Portland. Situated smack dab on Mt. Tabor, Béla sits in a beautiful neighborhood surrounded by charming businesses and a spectacular view of the Portland skyline. At Béla we are all about practicing sustainability and supporting our local community, often participating in community events and featuring local artists. Our hair studio is equally as beautiful as the area, in fact “béla” means “beautiful” in Portuguese. We offer a wide variety of organic and sulfate-free products, and a wide range of hair care services, waxing and massage therapy.

We cannot wait to make your day by making you look and feel béla! Thanks for visiting and feel free to stop by for a free consultation.

Our Vision

The driving force of Béla.

Béla Hair Studio will change the way you think about your hair. At Béla, our stylists understand your hair is a reflection of who you are. You can trust our passionate stylists to listen to your needs, and shape your style with a trained eye and skilled hands.

Meet our talented, funny and charming Team.